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Derived from the Swedish fictional children's character, an affliction that can occur in men at any when they have a difficult time wearing slacks off-the-shelf. While fitting these pant sizes, they find that a given waist size is too small, and subsequently move up to the next waist size, only to find that the length of the crotch approaches the mid-thigh length, or beyond. The trouser gives the appearance of an untailored look, and reveals an overly long front panel and extended crotch.
Lee: "Dude, new slacks"?

Tom: "Yeah"

Lee: "Wow man, did you get those off the shelf? They don't fit! You're sporting the Pippi Longcrotching look."

Tom: "I know.... What you looking at anyway?"

Lee: "Hard not to notice, bro, sorry."
by ab5sr March 02, 2010
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