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Polite way for writing 'What the fuck?', useful when posting in newspaper forums or other internet boards where curse words are not allowed
yo yo you just ran into my car! Da Fauq!!!
by ab5sr August 30, 2012
Using son or daughter as an excuse to either go to or miss a certain event e.g. work.
Whassup homes...you already at home from work?
Yeah, had to pick up my son.
Ah gotcha - played your "Kid Card" again, eh? You slacker!
by ab5sr September 27, 2009
Derived from the Swedish fictional children's character, an affliction that can occur in men at any when they have a difficult time wearing slacks off-the-shelf. While fitting these pant sizes, they find that a given waist size is too small, and subsequently move up to the next waist size, only to find that the length of the crotch approaches the mid-thigh length, or beyond. The trouser gives the appearance of an untailored look, and reveals an overly long front panel and extended crotch.
Lee: "Dude, new slacks"?

Tom: "Yeah"

Lee: "Wow man, did you get those off the shelf? They don't fit! You're sporting the Pippi Longcrotching look."

Tom: "I know.... What you looking at anyway?"

Lee: "Hard not to notice, bro, sorry."
by ab5sr March 02, 2010
Literally, the science of your thought. The path that a person might take to reach a conclusion through thinking and/or reasoning. A path of reasoning.
"Hubert, just exactly what was your thinkology before running up $17,234.99 worth of 1-900 phone sex calls on your mommy's Visa?"
by ab5sr September 27, 2009
TDBUD is an acronym for "Turned-Down by Urban Dictionary"
My last three BAMF submittals were TDBUD. WTF?
by ab5sr July 16, 2012
Not an activity related to firearms or weapons, but rather a southern U.S. term used to represent a group of people or objects.
Ray Ray: "Whatcha doin' this weekend Bubba?"

Bubba: "Man I'm watching golf. Tiger Woods ain't playin' though. Out with a back injury. You know, if I was he, I'd take my strength coach, cardio coach, lifting coach, and any other coach or trainer that I had and fire the whole shootin' match. They done messed that dude up; ain't none of 'em worth a shit."

Ray Ray: "Yeah too bad for him huh?"
by ab5sr March 20, 2014
Abbreviation for "Get together" - a random social event usually after work amongst cohorts or associates. Useful when texting or emailing.
Sup ya'll going to the GTG after work?
by ab5sr August 30, 2012

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