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To nail pipe on a goal in an athletic competition. Especially lacrosse. Usually yelled by members of a team after one player hits pipe. If a player takes a shot and it nails the pipe anybody is at liberty to yell pipe city. Pipe city is not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes players aim for pipe. Its just a statement of fact.
Jack: Yo man what are you doing today?
Alex: Not much bro, probably going to take a trip to pipe-city!!!
Jack: Oh bro count me in!!! I'll bring my spoon!!!
Alex: We can just shoot on scotty's goal.
Jack and Alex: PIPE CITYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

Jack: Bro i was just ripping shots but i couldn't get out of pipe city!!!
JP: You are the man. Can i be friends with you?
by Laxxxx August 10, 2010
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When you rifle a shot and it goes bar down. It occurs in lax or hockey.
Harry Boater catches a train to pipecity every time he plays lax

Mark Smith yells "PIPECITY" every time his buddy goes bar down.
by McSniper July 05, 2010
The bedroom in where you would have sex with a pipeable female
Yo John Kennedy was looking very pipeable last night.
Paul I took her all the way to pipe city.
by nahdoa February 21, 2015

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