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To nail pipe on a goal in an athletic competition. Especially lacrosse. Usually yelled by members of a team after one player hits pipe. If a player takes a shot and it nails the pipe anybody is at liberty to yell pipe city. Pipe city is not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes players aim for pipe. Its just a statement of fact.
Jack: Yo man what are you doing today?
Alex: Not much bro, probably going to take a trip to pipe-city!!!
Jack: Oh bro count me in!!! I'll bring my spoon!!!
Alex: We can just shoot on scotty's goal.
Jack and Alex: PIPE CITYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

Jack: Bro i was just ripping shots but i couldn't get out of pipe city!!!
JP: You are the man. Can i be friends with you?
by Laxxxx August 10, 2010
When you rifle a shot and it goes bar down. It occurs in lax or hockey.
Harry Boater catches a train to pipecity every time he plays lax

Mark Smith yells "PIPECITY" every time his buddy goes bar down.
by McSniper July 05, 2010