While dildoing a girl in the vagina, the orgasm may become so hard, that it shoots out the dildo. Usually happens with squirters.
Damn, she was so horny she pipebombed that dildo out of my hand!
by magoga April 29, 2006
see above. Similar to "straightrazor" and "torenada"
"gosh I have just pipebombed google and have 60,000 hits!"
by FYAD2.0 March 16, 2003
A big turd that clogs the toilet.
Hey, where the hell is the plunger? I got a pipe bomb to diffuse in here!


I haven't shit in like 3 days. I've got one hell of a pipe bomb ready to go off.
by Mark Long September 11, 2007
When a Arab looking person has a boner.
John had to hide his pipe bomb in the middle of class.
by Koalemos February 22, 2011
When a Muslim person gets a boner.
Osama Bin Laden has a pipe bomb.
by Bobiscoolio February 22, 2011

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