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In Argentina:
Cool, interesting, nice. Used as adjective for something and as a chill/cool mood description.
Also used as an expression for understanding, like 'ok'.
- Qué onda? // What's up?
- Todo piola // Everything's piola

- Estoy a dos cuadras. //I'm two blocks from there...
- Piola.
by Ulipiola June 16, 2015
spanish and mostly argentinian slang term for someone (or something) who is really cool.
Esa chica se tiñó el pelo muy piola.
That girl dyed her hair really cool.
by Lara990 January 09, 2015
That crazy girl on the snowboard from the cosanostra family.
" sjíííí .. Im gonna go out on my snowboard in my microsoft t-shirt, and like.. ehm.. iris some noobs"
by fan January 22, 2004

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