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Pinwank = Shoving pinballs up your arse and firing them out at potential X Factor Christmas No.1 Artists. Pumping the nob to charge up the shot gives the Pinwank more power.
It was the live final of the X Factor and Tom was getting frustrated by a hairy old man with a women's voice going for Christmas No.1 and looking likely to get it. He was standing in the crowd and inserted a small pinball up his arse, turned round, pumped his nob a few times and fired the ultimate Pinwank shot. The ball brushed past Simons head but due to the rotatations small specks of shit went into his lego man haircut. The ball went on to hit Joe Mcsomething in his throat and end his singing career. Pinwank prevails.
by Roger Townshend November 14, 2010
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