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To have as one's sole objective to drink many many pints at a bar or pub, usually with fellow pinting partners.

Using the word "pint" as a verb.

As in "to pint or not to pint.."
I think I will go pinting tonight as I can feel a thirst coming on.

Usually someone who is pinting is very focused on getting intoxicated and less concerened with meeting lovely ladies.

A person who is pinting however usually engages in loud conversations and debates.
by Ben January 24, 2004
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When you get the munchies and you're eating ice cream, and you get distracted for a second, and when you look down you've eaten the entire pint.

Can also be the nigger spelling of painting.
1. Bro check out Steve over by the fridge. He's pinting!

2. Damn nigga, I got some fence pinting to do if I wanna buy me some watermelon.
by G-steezy July 02, 2014
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When a person's aim in a pub/bar is to pull someone of the same-sex at the bar.
Chris was pinting, and it worked! Chris and John are hoping to have a civil partnership by the end of the year.
by Peter Barnes May 21, 2008
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