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When an intervention is needed to drag your wife off pintrest.
This is the 25th day in a row, it's time for a pintervention.
by AUB_JT October 09, 2011
An intervention designed to help a person who has an uncontrollable addiction to Pinterest or other time wasting websites.

Similar to Twittervention
Stacey needed a pintervention after running up a $500.00 grocery bill trying to keep up with new recipes on Pinterest.
by Doktorgee December 27, 2012
when one of your guy friends posts that he joined pinterest and you make him realize that he is the only guy you know who is on pinterest and that only women are commenting on his post about pinterest and he quickly deletes his pinterest account out of fear of losing his man card.
it is very rare that you hear guys having a conversation about pinterest, but 9 out of 10 women you know has one and talks about it at every social gathering. when one of your guy friends says he has a pinterest or is thinking about joining pinterest you and your buddies stage a pintervention to save your friend's potential man card revocation.
by the pinterventionist March 14, 2012
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