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Pinteresticated people - also known as pinterestocrats - form an inflated view of themselves based on the notion that one's amalgamation of interests makes one somehow more special, valuable, or interesting than most other people. Pinterest's digital collections of ideas and images illuminate the vast similarities between millions of users and serves to illustrate how much more average and alike we all are than pinterestocrats believe themselves to be.

Pinterestication: absurd pride in the perception of one's own sophistication and individuality due to pinning refined, elite, trendy, or otherwise expensive items on Pinterest - items which, in all likelihood one might never own, make, visit, practice, do, say, or afford in real life. Pinterestication is also usually associated with a false sense of originality and refined taste derived from pinning items that have already been pinned and re-pinned by many people before the pinterestocrat notices them. Pinterestocrats do not have the talent or drive to produce or share such items him/herself.
"Dude, your girlfriend is such a pinterestocrat! She doesn't realize that she likes pretty much the same things as half the country, but she keeps pinning shit because it makes her feel superior. People just grab her copied stuff for their own boards the same way she did. She's not setting trends like a genuinely sophisticated, original, creative person...she's just following those who are, man. That makes her more common and boring than she is in her worst internet nightmares. Jeezaloo, chicks like her make me want to poke my eyes out!"

"I hate to admit it, but you have her pinned, man. Just don't tell her I stopped following her boards months ago"

"Wait, YOU are on Pinterest too?"

"Well, you know...yeah, I was for a while"

"Man, are you going to tell me you like guys now?!"

"Actually, I have a secret board for those interests...just don't tell my girlfriend, dude. I desperately need a beard, and she's so distracted with her pinning that she doesn't think to ask questions. We're still cool, man, right? I mean, I'm not a total homo, just pomosexual."

"Whatever man, you're still my bro. I'm not into bromosexuality or anything, but don't worry, I'm a NALT; you know, Dan Savage, and all that."
by luvpaperlanterns September 30, 2013
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