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Short male usually internally self concious about himself so he resorts to establishing a false identity of being a badass or "gangster". A male shorter than average height who partakes in ego boosting activities such as weight lifting and cheer leading. A small man who surrounds himself with a multitude of bigger men to make himself feel more secure. A little man with an ego of Andre the Giant. A self-proclaimed "gangster" who is short therefore "pint sized".
Syn: douchebag, wankster, wanksterbag, wannabe gangster, little man, small penis, small penis syndrome.
Guy1: Yo, check out that short dude over there with that ridiculous outfit. It's like five below zero outside, why is he wearing a muscle shirt?

Guy2: Cause man, that's a pint-sizer for you.
by Reel Smart January 09, 2011
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