When a man stands above his sleeping girlfriend with his pantsdown. As he positions himself in a bent stance, and ass in her face he punches her in the stomach causing her to rise towards his butthole. As her nose goes towards his anus he lets out a huge fart. Thus causing a pinocchi-O
"When my girl was sleeping I unzipped my pants and stuck my ass in her face. I gave her a hard punch in the bread basket. She guided her nose perfect in my brown eye and I farted in her face. Maybe next time she'll learn not to tell a lie. That's why I gave her a pinocchi-o."
by mikeydojenn September 19, 2011
1. A slang term meaning oral sex.
2. A fictional puppet from the 1940 Disney movie of the same name.
1. I'm going out with my girlfriend tonight. I hope she gives me Pinocchio.

2. Ben: I'm watching Pinocchio right now.
Roger: You're watching oral sex!?
Ben: No man, you're a fag. I'm watching the Disney movie.
by hot-fire March 10, 2006
A puppet who wants to be a real boy but is really a teenager hiding in the closet.
Omg Pinocchio you have a big nose, loves it ;)
A “Pinocchio” typically occurs to a man during a 69 session while eating pussy so aggressively that his nose ends up in her ass hole. This can be both a positive and negative experience all at once.
“I gave her the Pinocchio while she swallowed my cock”
by Chedward Lazaro May 06, 2010
Someone who wishes that they were a real boy
Trans-sexuals are modern day Pinocchio's.
by Richard_Carmicheal November 19, 2007
the act of having an erection, but denial of witnessing anything arousing.

lying about if you have a boner
travis: "i saw erica's boobs at wild rivers yesterday"

kyle: "hahaha did she know?"

travis: "she asked if i saw her boobs fall out, but i was a pinocchio about it and acted dumbfounded"
by seekylerun July 23, 2011
A girl or guy that has a really big nose, either because of genes, or because they lie too much. Other words for them can be: Pino, Pinocone, Ronald Reagan, Pinny, Big Nose, Liar Liar, etc.
President Ronald Reagan was the king of all pinocchios.
by Pseudonym Jim­ January 10, 2009

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