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The first or last few days of a woman's menstrual cycle
Well I came on tonight but I'm only pinking so yeah, might as well shag him
by EmLou1976 October 15, 2010
2 8
1. It's a thing when a woman is aroused so much that her labia presents itself.

2. Something fun to say aloud in the middle of a quiet office setting.
1. Joe - "Are you okay, Lauren."

Lauren - "I'm pinking so bad right now."


Ali - "What do you think you're going to order from seamless?"

Meghan- "I was thinking Thai..."

Casey - "Pinking!"
by Les Vinyl July 01, 2013
7 1
Wearing pink and looking very good while making expressions or going to hangout with people. Comes from the word 'Pimping'.
I was Pinking the other day while wearing my Pink Hollister button-up shirt in class, while getting stared at the whole class.
by kid08 February 14, 2010
6 9
To take a boring, yellow work document and make it come to life by adding some pink.
Hey Carl, check it out. Sam is pinking the shit out of that annotation!
by ericd306 March 17, 2011
2 7
The act of going out and trying to pull young teenage girls (i.e. a pinky)
"Hey Dave what you doing tonight?"

"I'm out pinking again!"

"Your gonna get yourself arrested for that shit"
by the stevenson September 29, 2006
9 14