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When they first started manufacturing cars it was a paper that said the car was entitled to you.Today they make them blue.Also its a type of race in the streetrace world which means you race for the car.
In 2F2F They raced for Pink Slips
by Rocafella May 23, 2004
getting laid off from work
He was laid off from work today. He received his pink slip.
by myfootsmells February 14, 2006
refers to the employee's copy of a notice terminating employment, formerly colored pink.
Three employees were given a pink slip.
by Arigrion April 10, 2011
Car registration of ownership
They were drag racing for pink slips.
by FQP March 09, 2012
When two people are going at it up the anus, and when he (or she with a strap on) pulls out and pulls the large intestine out with it.
Fred: "I'm coming!"
Mary: "Don't pink slip me."
Fred: "Oh crap, too late."
by woodenapple February 26, 2009
The equivalent of a nip slip except when a girl accidentally (or purposely) flashes her pussy.
Dude I love watchin trashy celebs flaunt thier pink slips.
by Fatguyron April 03, 2010
A Pink Slip is a drug certificate that enables you to get quantities of drugs for free from a dealer(s). Usually they go in rankings from red to the highest being pink.
Joe: Hey where's my stuff man
Dealer: Ain't got it bro I'll write you a pink slip so you get some free shit from the boss.
by thebigbadbaig January 20, 2008
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