An offensive term used to describe a white man.
You know what your not white skinned, you pink skinned!
by Honkey March 29, 2005
Top Definition
An unemployed, leaching, hostel-living old guy donned from head to toe in a lycra hot pink unitard, with a matted grundle full of melting grundel butter from riding a unicycle in the streets all day long looking for handouts. He has also been known to wear a tiny cape and flap his arms like a chicken while riding around town.
Guy 1: Hey, look! It's Pink Man! What's that brown bubble near his ass on his unicycle seat???

Guy 2: Dude, that's sick!! He just sharted and I bet his grundel shit butter is running down his legs!!
by Neanderthal99 September 29, 2011
A Large Pink Condom shaped man on a unicycle.

See above link for Pink Man...Gritty in Pink
by Neanderthal99 October 03, 2011
Referring to characters in society resembling the meth using character "Jesse Pinkman" from the AMC series "Breaking Bad". Usually dressed in the popular urban atire of the day, possibly using or possesing illegal substances. Generally look like they rolled out of bed and threw on whatever clothes didn't smell as bad.
Man that punk kid in the skull sweatshirt is a total pinkman!
Uh oh, a total Pinkman just walked into the store, watch the dvd section.
by the real pawnstar May 28, 2010
Pink Man is a unicycle riding, singing superhero. Rides and sings around the world to help joy.
The people cheered when they saw Pink Man ride into the cafe.
by Mike Maxfield October 13, 2006
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