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A beverage - preferably a clear soda such as Sprite - mixed with a red cough syrup containing codeine. It is the drink of choice for many Southern rappers including Lil Wayne and Young Buck.
"What's that pink shit your drinkin dude?"

"Oh, that's just my Pink Drink. I am so fucked up right now."

"I can tell dude. You're drooling on yourself a lil bit. Let me get a swig of that shit."
by Big Freeze UF April 18, 2008
A weight Loss Drink that is all natural and will help you lose unwanted pounds and inches. Created by Plexus Worldwide.
aka Plexus Pink Drink
Plexus Worldwide makes a weight loss drink pink drink that helps you lose weight. The pink drink is magic.
by smcurry August 15, 2012
Pink Drink is the mixture of half low-quality vodka and half pink lemonade. Make sure to add the lemonade powder to the vodka before the water.

Careful, Pink Drink is rated a 9.1 on the danger scale. Be sure to play it safe while enjoying!
Last weekend I spent $13 to get all of my crew blitzed on Pink Drink
by Joe Dae-su June 02, 2009
Street term given to Lichido Liqueur
Gotta get me some pink drink and get crunk tonite
by GooseyLucy July 24, 2008
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