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to die humiliated in a hail of pink needles.
"oh no, pink death!"
by corky April 15, 2005
Dying from sex; usually by a woman.
Guy 1: It's so sad he died.
Guy 2: I heard he got pink deathed!
Guy 1: Sweet!

Guy 1: I'm so scared that girl with pink death me.
Guy 2: Don't even get near her. I heard she's pink deathed 3 guys already!
by jani13 April 26, 2009
A) (NOUN) A very unpleasant and painful death. Happens when one is suddenly impaled with 7-20 tiny, glowing pink shards which, after a few seconds, explode violently and tear the victim's body apart. This is most commonly experienced in the HALO games, but can be simulated in real life with the use of a lot of weed.

B) (NOUN) A very unpleasant but surprisingly fulfilling end, where one is hammered to death by seismic pelvic thrusts. These are often administered during sex by the victim's partner.
A) HALO PLAYER 1: Haha! Eat pink death, B•TCH!!!

HP2: Oh no! *explodes*

HP1: Hey, is that his spleen?

B) PRIEST: We are here today to remember this young man,

who was brutally murdered with Pink Death, by

his wife, Judith.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Judith, you dog!
by iDS-WOTD September 10, 2011