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Young White Female, esp. with jungle fever.
Hey Bra, You know that pink toe checking for you.
by Dru January 14, 2005
A code word for white girls used by African American men when they are in the presence of the opposite gender or ethnic group .
Brother I met this fine pink toe last night...
by 1Macdaddy September 28, 2009
refers to caucasian-female,
you got yourself a pinktoe.
by Tyrone G. May 05, 2006
it is a social term among men of color for caucasian females.
What up get with that 'pinktoe' that was hollerin' at you lastnight?
by pinktoelover June 08, 2009
A man who has a dick as pink as his girlfriends vagina
John has a big pink toe
by Jake possum May 06, 2015
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