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The general pink colour after waxing a lightning bolt into your pubic hair.
I wanted to have an interesting crotch accessory, but I had to deal with the pink lightning.
by 7acquie April 14, 2010
A word for vagina that can be used easily in public.
Started by three ECU students.
I can't wait to get the pink lightning tonight.
by Pirate4Life September 26, 2010
Referring to amphetamines - cocaine, ecstasy, meth, or any prescription uppers. ect.

pinked/pinked up/pinked out - puked out, on a upper.
Can't wait til i get my pink lightning so i can get pinked up.

I was so pinked out yesterday i was shaking.
by pookie_loved December 05, 2010
To urinate on someone with red piss. This can be achieved by eating a lot of beets (preferable) or internal bleeding (undesirable).
So I got her back to my place, and fired some pink lightning at her.
by Ghostificus2 August 14, 2009