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1. Another term for a woman's vagina, made popular in the song, "Spin the Bottle"

2. A mixed drink consisting of Tequila Rose strawberry cream liqueur and red-cap Tvarscki vodka to suit
1. " fun so wet that my thang is slippin'..."

2. "I just mixed a glass of Pink Fun, you want one?" "No way dude, I'm not gay!" "This is stronger that the lame shit you drink, now who's gay?"
by MastaRoe April 09, 2010
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A lady's special place that a guy just LOVES to be in.
Jimmy: Dude, look at Stacey! She looks so good!
Robert: Yeah dude i was up in Meisha's Pink Fun!
Jimmy: I'd like to be all up in Stacey's Pink Fun fo sheezy!
by Meisha W. & Stacey M August 01, 2003

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