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The human male's generative organ. This modern term for the penis is due to the tool in question's marked resemblance to the principal miscreant in the Star Wars movies of the late seventies and early eighties. Except pink.
Han Solo wrestling with the Pink Darth Vader is an extremely well constructed euphemistic term for male masturbation.
by Brian Munich May 21, 2008
The male appendage. The Penis.
Last night I was bored so I took the pink darth vader to hyperdrive.
by xxxd August 13, 2006
When you have sex with someone then proceed to wipe your penis off on their curtains.
Neil is a cleanliness freak so I gave him a pink darth vader.
by Nemo Carlisle February 26, 2007
A large knob
I hit the ceilin wit ma pink darth vader!!!
by Randy Andrew November 10, 2003