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This is the act of a woman, massaging a man's prostate, with her fingers... through the man's colon wall.
Pingering is the act of inserting a gloved, lubed and gentle, woman's finger (pad first) into the male colon. Finger pointing toward the man's bladder/belly, massaging with a come hither motion (him on his back, fingers pointing upwards), or a gentle forward and backward motion. Pingering is used to relieve the swelling of a man's prostate expelling toxic fluids that may cause prostate problems... also used for sensual excitement, in marital foreplay.
AKA "Prostate Milking" G-Spot Massage Sacred Spot Massage.
A practice, health measure, dating to the Ancient Chinese, Hindu's and Egyptian Pharaohs, insuring longevity of their offspring.
by AlyasSmyth December 28, 2009
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