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To be struck with a pinga. This could be an act where someone gets smacked with a penis, or actual penetration.
Big Daddy es una cherna musical mariconson que le gustan los pingasos.

Translation: Big Daddy is a bugarron grouper who likes pingasos.
by HanSolo_El_Pingu April 20, 2008
Dick slap, punch, to strike, an act of violence.
Te voy a dar un pingaso!

El mariconson este se cree que me va a dar tremendo pingaso.
by Daylene LiNa January 27, 2008
When you take your penis and slap a woman with it till she knocks out
Hey bro gave clair a pingaso and she keeps on coming back for more.
by PingasoMaster December 04, 2009

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