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A player blessed with exceptional “standout” skills on the ice.
A demonstration of skill so far beyond the competition.
A player who has achieved hockey excellence.

It's the “Zone” you’re in when you can't do anything wrong on the ice.

Skills not achieved by many.

other forms; Pinga-D, Pingaderas Rex.

Qualities of Pingaderas Hockey:

-Ankle Breaking Dangles
- Eagle Eye Snipes
- Sick “Cellys”
- Mad Coast to Coast Rushes
- Tape to Tape Sauce
- Crushing Hits
- Droppin' the Mits
- "Pingaderas" is a gangster ass hockey player!
- "Pingaderas!" "that was a sick dangle"
- Wow, you went "Pingaderas Rex" on those fools!
- Yeah, it's "Pingaderas" Hockey.
- That’s some sick "Pinga-D" moves!"
- Hockey played so well you can only call it “Pingaderas!“
- BarDeeZee, "Pingaderas!"
by RinkPeople August 26, 2012
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