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Sometimes used in soccer, meaning to get it in the goal. But mostly used in sexual terms meaning "get it".
I have a date tonight, I'm totally going to ping it in!
by nannybannany November 18, 2010
The online form of the phrase 'spread it'; to give an instruction to others that a certain piece of information (or in this case more likely a web link) should be passed around and shared amongst friends.
Here's my band's new EP, feel free to ping it around.
by peanutismint September 15, 2008
Type of music hispanics listen too. More specificly Mexican music. The word is also used as a slang to describe a uneducated or ghetto person.
Why are you dressed in those rags you call clothes? You look like a pingit.
by Richard A. Aguero February 26, 2005