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To drop a duce. Pinch a loaf. Take a dump. Go # 2. Take a shit etc.
I woke up this morning and had to pinch a grumpy.
I wouldnt go in there i just pinched a grumpy.
by justin jb December 03, 2007

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Drop a dump.
Flush twice.
I gotta go pinch a grumpy, holmes.
Got any Matches?
by The Sanitized Chicken. November 04, 2003
PINCH A GRUMPY - Pinching A Grumpy is another way to explain going to the bathroom. Or a simplier term, Taking a crap or going poop.

PAG is the acronym.

PAG = Pinch A Grumpy
PAGing = Pinching a Grumpy
Instead of an apple a day keeps the doctor away, everyone should Pinch A Grumpy.

That dog takes forever to pick a spot and PAG.
by emmyfrompogo November 21, 2010