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(n)orgy involving 5:1 girl:guy ratio
Taylor, Alli, Jake, Crystal, Kayla, and Candy had a pin cushion the other night.
by Ebanks October 15, 2008
A Female Who Will Take It In Any Hole..
She Love Three ways ..She is Such a Pinn Cushion
by Sabe 1 April 12, 2005
A girl who is an easy or frequent lay. A slut. A ho.
Man that chick is such a pin cushion, everyone I know has fucked her.
by cutjunkie ? March 05, 2005
A ho; A person who has been poked too many times to count
Ellen: Do you know Lisa? She seems like a nice girl.
Jenny: Nice? That girl is a pincushion if I ever saw one!
by yourblondeness February 16, 2006
A person whose sole purpose is your sexual gratification.
I'm looking for a pincushion for when my girlfriend goes on vacation.
by spudwrench July 05, 2009
To receive many needles.
"My doctor gave me three shots today...I feel like a fuckin Pin Cushion."
by THE CHEMO KID March 13, 2008
Used to describe a person with multiple body piercings.
This term is commonly used to describe a person possessing alot of body piercings and refers them to a "Pin-Cushion" as they have alot of holes in them with metal through them.

by Jacob Guest July 31, 2006
a person, such as a drug addict or a diabetic, who regularly gets or gives them self hypodermic needle injections
Tell that pin-cushion to take his shit somewhere else.
by The Return of Light Joker May 27, 2011