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A pimp who is also a gansta
Watch out, here comes my pimpsta straight out of da cuts.
by Alfredo Lerma June 12, 2003
38 9
greatest form of pimping; ultimate pimp; mac daddy
amanda seitz
by caily January 01, 2004
12 5
A pimpster is a combination of the words "pimp" and "hipster." It is used to describe a hipster who also happens to be a ladies man. The typical pimpster can be spotted on most college campuses, attracting the opposite sex with his American Apparel attire and "noncomformist" attitude.
Stu is such a pimpster, he had sex with three girls at the same time the other night and did not even bother to take off his thermochromatic sweatshop-free t-shirt, or his socks for that matter. His facial hair is so sexy.
by BigDaddyLay May 17, 2010
7 6
Long form of pimp, a person who brokers prostitutes.
You are a pimp.
by Ian Chode April 02, 2003
6 11