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A shock beyond any mortal comprehention: a Pimp getting pimpslapped. It happens once (or maybe even twice) a century, resulting in worldwide collapse and confusion in the Pimp community. Hoe floods, hoe droughts, Uppity hoes, hoe famine, hoe self-esteem and hoe disease are common results of such a disaster. Never get Pimpoozled. Ever.
Pimp #1: "You know Hoe-ricane Katrina?"
Pimp #2: "Yeah, Pimpin'. What about dat hoe?"
Pimp #1: "She was caused by dat Pimp Don Jackson getting Pimpoozled!"
Pimp #2: "Pimp! Don be sayin' dat shit out loud, you know the pimp-laws!"
Pimp #1: "Tru dat, tru dat... dat shits Hoe-ribble"
by Chattom, E August 18, 2006
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