A women who is "fly" or "down wit da BITCHES". (lesbian)
Pimpets are coo
by PIMP January 22, 2004
Top Definition
A female pimp. It's a simple as that!
That chick back there was a total pimpet! Did yah see her?
by ManOfCars May 11, 2009
the female version of a "pimp"
A girl who is "fly" and can or does get a lot of guys.
Carrie is such pimpet if you look at the way all the guys are around her!
by xoxosilly July 02, 2008
A "Pimpet" is a common measurement of Phillidelphia Soft Cheese. The official weight of a Pimpet of phillidephia was originally a 220g tub, but since the downsizing of standard tubs of Phillidelphia, is now commonly mistaken to be 200g
"Can you grab me a pimpet of Philli mummy? I really fancy a eighth of a pimpet on my cheese roll"

"Can you measure me out a pimpet worth of flour please darling?"
by Marvin88Oh July 05, 2009
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