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Type of swaggering, ambling gait with a pronounced bounce and faux half-limp, employed predominantly by urban young black males.

origin: Term coined by Tom Wolfe in "The Bonfire of the Vanities"
“He had the same pumping swagger that practically every young defendant in the Bronx affected, the Pimp Roll. Such stupid self-destructive macho egos, thought Kramer. They never failed to show up with the black jackets and the sneakers and the Pimp Roll..."
by gloops June 19, 2008
A one hundred dollar bill wrapped around smaller bills in a wad to make it appear that the owner is rich.
Excuse me Miss may I please receive my change in a pimp roll?

Why of course,here's 50 ones,5 fives,a ten,and a 20.
by Joshwa Pettit November 26, 2006
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