Pilon is a Mauritian slang word describing an homosexual person.This word is commonly used to make fun of someone while focusing on his homosexuality.
Guillaume is so ''pilon'' that he cums when he looks at a fireman.
by Seggae July 19, 2010
Top Definition
Noun (Pronounced PEE-LAWN). Mytholgical creature of Mid-West USA origin very similar to Billy Bob Thornton's character in Bad Santa. Both like plus sized women and text frequently. Enjoys Clute pictures.
Hey, man. I heard that a Pilon was replacing Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa 2.
by Hofflover01 February 23, 2015
Pilon is the surname of an old family, dating back to 16th century Bayeux, France. The name most likely comes from the French word for "chicken leg", as one of the earliest known Pilons was a butcher; pilon also means pestle in French.
There are many variations on the name, though all the Pilons are related. Antoine Pilon is the ancestor of most Pilons in North America. Pilon, Cuba, is most likely named after a Pilon who immigrated there; however, Pilon coffee products are most likely named after the Cuban city.
I went to Bayeux, France, to see where the Pilons came from. I also visited Montreal to see the house Antoine Pilon lived in and the park named in his honour.
by Proud Pilon October 20, 2008
If u have not called a person, and yet he comes and he is called pilon.
alex is sucha big pilon
by parth mehta April 17, 2008
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