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A word describing and individual who is incredibly talented, notable, possibly even good looking, but the world refuses to recognize these attributes, thus being "slept on" like a giant man made out of pillows. Similar to a doormat but with even less recognition. Made semi-popular by American rapper "Hopsin" before he grew in his popularity.
"I can't get any girls man. I'm good looking, talented, and charismatic. All i've been is bullied my entire life with most of my talents going largely unrecognized and promises being unfulfilled. It hurts sitting back and watching my peers have it all while I possess the same or better qualities"

"You must be the Pillowman"
by Mr. Pillowman October 15, 2013
A man with no arms or legs, or limbs of any kind, thus making him of pillow like form.
"my neck is killing me, it felt like i was sleeping on the fucking pillow man"
by Becci D January 15, 2008
Victorian slang for a homosexual male.
"I believe this Sir John you're talking about is a pillowman!"
"Sir! Thou ought to watch thou mouth when talking about thy friends!"
by Dylan Hewson June 25, 2005
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