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When a guys cock is so huge that when he fucks her hard, his dick is wacking against her internal organs.
I pile drived ur girlfriend last night
by rat22 June 15, 2011
To cram the women's feet to her forehead and botton out on that sonofabitch.
Marelle seemed quite satisfied after Ryan had used the Pile Drive technique and busted her ass.
by kyle May 12, 2004
1.You are punched millions of times until your body parts are literally fallen off and you are 7/8 dead.
2.You are having extremely hardcore sex.
3.A bulldozer is driving up stuff on the ground.
1."that guy was pile drived"
2."he piled drived her in bed"
3."that bulldozer was pile driving the trees on the ground"
by R0botmunk7 September 16, 2009
Piledriving is when you're cock is so big you are actually slamming a chick's organs while fucking.
Hey Vinnie, I was piledriving the brown bomb last night!!!
by Sherby McGee March 28, 2003
when u hear the slapping while having sex.
ryan pile drived that bith last nite!
by gangsta bitch February 05, 2007
Piledrive (noun or verb) The is when the guy lays down on the bed with a huge erection and a girl runs from the other side of the room and jumps and trys to land right on it. OUCH!!!
I piledrived your mom
by _T-Dub_ May 08, 2005
Freeze a log of feces. Enter a 69 position, with the woman on bottom and man on top. The man uses his hands to plow the woman vaginally or anally with the frozen log while she gives him a rusty trombone (i.e., giving a rim job while performing a hand job). When the man reaches climax, he turns into a position in which he can jizz on his lover's face while slapping her in the face with the soggy poopsicle.
1. I gave my girl a pile drive last night
2. I was a pile driver with that bitch
by TrandyCandy April 30, 2010
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