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You Fail at...(insert verb/noun here)
You use this to tell people they are horrible or can't do a certain thing.
It can be used as a joke to some, but also to make people really mad by a major insult.
Mostly it is used as a joke though.
Bob-"hey man, i fell off of the stairs"
Jim-"you fail at walking down stairs"
Bob-"dude, my girl just broke up with me"
Jim-"you fail at life"
Bob-"dude i hate you"
#you #fail #at #life #girl #rofl #losers #u #fil #he #lol
by R0botmunk7 September 16, 2009
1.You are punched millions of times until your body parts are literally fallen off and you are 7/8 dead.
2.You are having extremely hardcore sex.
3.A bulldozer is driving up stuff on the ground.
1."that guy was pile drived"
2."he piled drived her in bed"
3."that bulldozer was pile driving the trees on the ground"
#pile #drive #sex #hardcore #bulldozer
by R0botmunk7 September 16, 2009
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