Pig's ear, slang for beer.
Jon, while your up mate get us a 'Pig's ear'.
by SteveV November 15, 2007
Top Definition
To make a right mess of things, to bollocks up a task, either at work, or driving the car, making a faux pas.
a] I was filing back some documents and would you believe it, I made a right pigs ear of it, I misfiled everything.

b] I made so many spelling mistakes on my document, I made a right pigs ears of it, my boss got the right arse ache. He asked me if I had heard of a spell checker.

c] I was backing the car out of the garage, I overshot the drive and smacked it one against the gate post, scratching it. 'What a pigs ear I made of that one'

by HILLY B June 11, 2008
"Lets grab a few pigs ears for the ride home"
by RyanSmith January 31, 2009
australian rhyming slang for a beer.
"oi johnno ,grab us a pigs ear when you get me a dogs eye with dead horse".

translated - hey john, can you please get me a beer ,when you get my meat pie with sauce.
by wackyv8 June 11, 2008
Cockney rhyming slang for beer
Bloak: you up for havin' a few pigs mate?
Yank: naw dude, i'm married.
Bloak: "pigs" you wanker! pig's ear = beer! get it?
Yank: o yeah, haggis all around! haha.
by REV777 December 15, 2006
cockney rhyming slang meaning 'beer'.
"let's go down the rub-a-dub and have a pint of cold pig's ear."
by The Doctor October 21, 2004
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