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This is a female that is Extremely stuck up and walks with her nose so far in the air that her nostrils actually point foward making it look like she has a pig nose. This term can be applied in a proper form, as a nick name for one person, or, generically, to refer to stuckup bitchs.
Proper: Who's this girl walking toward us?
That's fuckin Pig Nose, don't even waste your time.

Generic: Did you see that girl?
Ya, what a Pig Nose.
by Porky Pigula March 02, 2008
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To press the barrel of a firearm into someone's face so that it causes the person's nose to be shoved up and back, causing it to resemble a pig's nose.
Lamont pissed me off, so I grabbed my strap and pig-nosed his bitch ass.
by Brokencans August 01, 2011
Fat, ugly, nose shaped like a pig. No one likes and has no friends. The reject of anyone's social group.
"Have you seen Pignose lately?"
"No shes probably out playing with the other hogs"
by CookieMonster11223344 December 09, 2011
A small, battery-powered electic guitar amplifier.
Tom used to go everywhere with his Telecaster and his pignose.

by Hrisko September 28, 2006
Noun. Of or pertaining to a pigs nose. Usually referenced when witnessing a woman of sub-average looks. Having large circular nostrils with a wide spread, sitting very flush to the face; resembling a pig.
G-d that woman is so hideous! Look at her pignose!!

Jenny's so messy that her apartment resembles a pig sty. Its a good thing since she has a pignose to match!
by Norm Van Brocklin March 20, 2006
A total SEX GOD, in the league of Andrew Grice.
We were up all night long, I couldn't get enough, he was a total pignose.
by Lozza January 21, 2004
When you stick your fingers into the recipents ASS, pull them out, grab them over the top of the head by the nose with those fingers, and Fuck them in the ass -While telling them to "Squeeel like a PIG!"
See the movie "Deleverance" for references!
by Christopher Gelston February 07, 2005

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