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What you are supposed to shout when you see a woman who looks like a farm animal who is also wearing a low cut shirt. Usually she'll have that weird rash right above it.
"Dude why is that awful looking woman presenting?"

by Team Clud January 28, 2010
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Boobs on girls that are caused by them being fat, not by being girls. It has nothing to do with hitting puberty, but with being a fat lard. Usually the said girls like to wear shirts that hang down so you see their fat crack in between their boobs, which no guy likes at all. Some of these girls are really slutty and think everyone wants them.
Ew, dude, did you see that girl over there with her pig cleavage? She's wearing a shirt that should be illegal for her to wear.
by t12j19c95 May 28, 2009

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