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You can find a Pierephilippe infront of the computer and/or sitting infront of the television with a game control.

A Pierrephilippe also means "Internet Geek".
Pierre meaning Rock and Philippe meaning "smart french guy" Alot of butlers and waitors are named Philippe.
Rock Geek would be another meaning for "Pierrephilippe".
Argh! Your such a pierrephilippe!!
Can you be like philippe and make me some great tasting french food?
Why do you pull pierrephilippe's on me all the time at night when you should be in bed with me??
Look at that pierrephilippe over there infront of the computer.!!
Do you think you could pull me a pierrephilippe and hack into my ex boyfriend's computer?
by babygirl1234567890 February 05, 2010
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