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1.) an extremely sexist, racist, and all around terrible person
2.) a statement made that turns a joke into hate crime
dude, stop being a fucking pierpoint and leave that little girl alone.

example of a pierpoint joke: why did the chicken cross the road? because he was a nigger
#pierpoint #nigger #racist #joke #hate #crime
by llama man123412 November 11, 2010
Condo at the beach inhabited by the most ballin niggers ever, i.e. philthy, chevy, vigs, ronsta, tuck daddy dollas, laybrooke, french slut, wine tooth, the deer, skinny bitch, peter, mrs. robinson, da bitches, jimmy the drunk, obi won, des, mustang sluts, asian voyeur fags, 311 milfbitch, and bowling ball.
Hey man you want to go to Pier Point? Hell no, those bitches are too hard for me.

Clarence: "You fat mother fucker, I pay you $20 an hour to sit on your fat ass and watch my back."
Pier Point: "Hey nigger, shut your mouth."
#pier point #jacksonville beach #awesome #ballers #badass
by tuck daddy April 07, 2008
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