a dumpling style food that is stuffed with potato or saurkraut or buckwheat and originates in slavic regions (ukraine,poland,russia ect....)
Tonight I want pierogs with my sloppy joes and if you don't make them.....I'll beat the fuck out of you...YOU WHORE!!!!!
by COLE February 25, 2004
Top Definition
a meat fill pastry that is boiled then eaten
polskie pierogi sa najlepsze!
by Chow March 01, 2003
A single pierogi.
"Honey what do you want for dinner?"
"A pierog would be fabulous, thanks."
by The Classic Abrahams April 04, 2009
asshat (see dumbass)
your such a pierog
by Anonymous March 01, 2003
word for 'dugout', used for water transportation
by LaMysticGoddess October 28, 2003
polish grenade filled with c4
Yo foo, git some of those pierogs from that polish store in deh caw pawk yo
by Pierog March 01, 2003
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