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1: To prioritize someone/something directly behind pie.

2: To take what someone says about you or someone else and replace the pronoun with pie, usually for trolling purposes.
Susan: I love you John.

John: I love pie.

Susan: I really miss you...

John: I really miss pie...

Susan: Have I just been pieoritised?
by Dazywu September 14, 2011
1: When someone is placed directly under pie in your priorities

2:When you take a compliment someone says to you and say the same thing, except about pie, usually for trolling purposes.
1: "Tom told Jody that he'll hang out with her after pie. Sounds like she got pieoritised"

2: Sally: "I love you."
Rick: "I love pie"
Sally: "I would do anything for you right now"
Rick: "I would do anything for pie right now"
Sally: "Have I just been pieoritised?"
by Dazywu June 02, 2011