A male whom fools around a lot in hideous female vaginas and unoccupied minds. In other terms, a wanna-be whore!
John Bob: "Hey, I wanna fuck your mind!"
Lisa: "Ewwww, fucking piegrinder!"
by Anonymous-Being April 09, 2009

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If you're looking this up because you don't know what it is, you're a pie grinder.
Omg I was on Runescape and saw this person named Pie Grinder so then I HAD to look it up and I saw this definition. I feel like a stupid pie grinder.
by A Pie Grinding Friend October 31, 2011
Someone who fails at life; and everything else./ A Faggot face.
Some Kid: Hi Kate!!! :D
Kate: Oh shut the fuck up you pie grinder!
by heyguise11 October 21, 2011

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