1) A word used instead of a swear.
2) A the secong part of the word Wazpiddle (Which also has the same deffinition
Guy: *Bangs his head* OW! PIDDLE! Not again.
by Wazpiddle, You know it's funny February 28, 2009
To, how you say, piss your pants.
Only a little bit though
Enough to be cute, something to laugh about

A miniscule, adorable amount of urine released into the pants.
"Omgz.. I just piddled in my panties."

"Kristen, did you just make a piddle?"
by Fatigan February 14, 2007
To Piddle, is to Finger a girl, or play with your own bits and pieces.

Stimulation via the fingers.
My friend piddles his girl at the wrong times. And has earned the nick name Piddler on Roof, Or Batman's arch nemesis, the Piddler.
by Ramooooooonnnnneeee April 11, 2007
A rare usage, deriving somewhat from a rhyming intra-syllabic-injunction and a metonymic relationship to the more 'standard' definition of 'piddle': the penis itself.
'Look at that girl. I'd like to put my piddle in her middle.'
by gambol May 18, 2007
The little bit of urine left on your penis after urination.
I shook off the piddle and it fell on my pants.
by Rusty Wallace June 20, 2006
1. To shake it three times.
2. To wander around, kicking small animals.
3. To urinate.
1. If you piddle after pissing, you're having too much fun.
2. Don't piddle in my flower bed!
3. I took the dog to piddle, and look, she did.
by Doco The Magic Dragon and Larry September 10, 2003
To fondle, especially in association with little boys.
Look at that playground full of scrumptious little boys; I'd love to piddle each and every one of them.
by The Piddler (Haupt.) May 13, 2003

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