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Phrase used to describe immigration reform that provides an equal opportunity for any illegal with a clean record to win their American citizenship. One convicted felon is removed from the prison system, and with feet and hands bound, strung up at the town square. A small group of illegal immigrants are provided a set of golf clubs to choose from, are blindfolded and the fun begins.
Illegals wielding a wood or driver are given 2 swings, while iron club users get 1 swing before moving to the next participant. The wetback that delivers the deathblow is granted American citizenship. The general public is encouraged to gather round and enjoy the festivities.
Juan: I can’t wait for my chance to become an American. I’ve been practice swinging down at the range all week!
Carlos: Yes señor Juan, I too have dreamed of this day of Piñata Immigration Reform! Town square is decorated nicely and will be quite the fiesta today!
by sciflyer.25 April 18, 2013
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