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A fraternity founded in 1868. This brotherhood organization usually conisists of ex atheletes, or those who did not actually make the intercollegiate team. Favorite pastimes include the gym, back waxing, brotherhood tanning events, and looking down upon other organizations.
I joined Pi Kappa Alpha because I love the gym, pretending to be huge, and acting like I am good at athletics.
by J.. April 16, 2006
The Marine Core of the greek society. They are the best at everything they do. Not to be trifled with. They have set the standard for all men since March 1st, 1868. They produce some of the worlds top individuals such as Tim Mcgraw, Kris Kristofferson, Gus Frerrote, Jeff Taylor, Nolan Bushnell, Bud Cramer, Kyle Orten, Bobby Bowden and Gino Torretta. No group of Individuals hold themselves to a higher standard then the men of Pi Kappa Alpha. Become a Pike, or be Beaten by one.
"Pi Kappa Alpha, putting the thrill back into sorority life since 1868"
by Cooper88 March 05, 2009
Pi Kappa Alpha, also known as PIKE. Group of frat boys that are the typical alpha male that look down on anyone that isn't a Pike. Cocky and arrogant douchenozzles who think they are the shit because they "pull the most bitches". Don't be surprised if a Pike fucks your girlfriend. See that hot girl in class? She's a dumb whore thats fucked a Pike.

Sororities love them, campus hates them.
Pike: Bro, I'm in Pike. You're just a pussy because you couldn't get into Pike
Student: I don't need muscles and an attitude. I have intelligence and class.

Sorority slut #1: Do you know Ed from Pike? He had sex with me and Trish last night!
Sorority slut #2: I think I know him, pretty sure we hooked up last semester.

Pike #1: Dude check out my huge muscles. The girls cannot deny this ha.
Pike #2: Yea bro we should hit the gym for another two hours today to get SWOLE

Girl: I totally love Pi Kappa Alpha. They are the best and I love being around them every Friday.
Boy: So you are a whore? Sorry I can't date you.
by PKA-for-douches January 26, 2014
A fraternity that roofies girls at every party because they cannot get any action without such desperate measures.
Melissa: Hey wanna go to the Pi Kappa Alpha party tonight??
Alexis: NO! I do not want to get date raped tonight. Those guys are creeps.
by Not a Pike January 14, 2013
A group of SLAGs (Scholars, Leaders, Athletes, and Gentlemen). The best fraternity in the world (we have chapters in Canada). Members of this fraternity are called PIKES!
1. That is one sharp guy, he must be in Pi Kappa Alpha.
by gasouthernpike August 30, 2005
Get the most girls, have the most fun and the other frats are jealous.
Pi kappa Phi=the gay fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha= The Straight Fraternity that definatly gets the most girls.
by True to the Word February 01, 2011
best fraternity in the world, with chapters at over 100 us and canadian colleges and universities.
the zeta alpha chapter of pi kappa alpha is where THIS mothafucka hails from.
by zeta alpha pike November 07, 2004
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