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(noun) A small dust particle with arms and legs that appears to run across a persons visual field. In 2003, it was discovered that when examined with a microscope, Phyme actually possess a heartbeat similar to that of a mouse.
Plural: Phyme
omg a phyme just ran across my windshield!!

i was trying to pay attention in class, but a phyme kept distracting me lollerskates
#dust #dust bunny #scuttle bug #fym #fyme #phym
by dyl-pod April 16, 2009
(verb) To phyme.
Attempting and or succeeding in fingering a man's butthole.
Every girl that ive been with has tried to phyme me!
#fyme #fym #fime #fingering butthole #the dirty girl
by McNuggett April 17, 2009
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