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- Phunny or Phunnie


1) - a funny pun

2) - a funny bunny

3) - funny honey or hunny same diff
1) Wow that joke was soo phunny!!!
2) Aww what a cute phunny.
3) Thats why ur my phunny hunny.
by P_6 September 22, 2008
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The word funny with a PH instead of an F.
Megan: i wanna be the "my leg" guy
Taint: haha your phunny
by Jaimtard August 16, 2010
adjective, -ni⋅er, -ni⋅est, noun, plural -nies.

1. Something that's funny but obviously phony - despite some forwarders belief that it's real.

That video of the gargantuan chick pole dancing, then ripping it down and crashing through her coffee table is phunny.

by Schtuke February 16, 2009
Things that make you go "hhhmmm"
The timing of that was so phunny.
by mammamariona June 21, 2006

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