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A phone poser. Someone who pretends they are using their phone to avoid a situation.
Guy 1: I ran into that girl the other day.
Guy 2: Did you talk to her?
Guy 1: No, I pretended like I was talking on my phone.
Guy 2: You're such a phoser.
by ManKitten November 04, 2010
A person who claims to be something they are not, useally coupled with trying to fit into a certain situation. It combines the words phony, poser and loser.
When a person shows up at an event, and it becomes obvious that said person does not fit in, and attempts to do so under deceptive/misguided/sneaky tactics where those in attendance see it as such. "As soon as that person wasnt able to answer what his golf handicap was, and was wearing beat up golf shoes, I knew he didnt belong to the country club even though he acted like he had a membership for quite some time...what a phoser".
by gizziiusa May 15, 2010
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