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A shapeshifter from Irish mythology. Can become any animal after age seven. Characteristics of a phooka include black hair and green eyes.
When the black-haired, green-eyed girl I saw earlier disappeared and the only thing I saw afterwards was a large black cat, I automatically thought, "PHOOKA!"
by Phooka Girl <3 January 29, 2010
Waste material, especially fecal matter, that is expelled from the body after digestion.
However used in reference to a person.
Originated in describing one named phooka.
I'm going to drop a phooka bbl.
I almost phooka'd my pants at the mall yesterday.
I dropped a 9 inch phooka.
by Sabb January 23, 2005
A word that describes exuberance of extreme boredom. Often follows Blarb.
by Carlow Motowski December 25, 2004
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