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phone sex with a hands free device so one can use the hands for a better use than to hold the phone
you ready to do some phonography? yeah, i just need to find my bluetooth
by GuillaumeR November 19, 2008
58 5
Describing "biology" on the phone while masturbating. Usually includes moaning and explanations of sexual scenarios.

Made famous by Britney Spears in her song "Phonography"
I make no apologies
I'm into phonography
And I like my bluetooth, buttons comin' loose
I need my hands free

Let's talk about biology
Make believe you're next to me
Phonography, phonography
Talk that sexy talk to me

Keep it confidential, you and me
Dirty talkin, call it phonography

by BayBayBaby December 10, 2008
76 51
When two people are dirty talking over the phone.

Britney Spears' song Phonography from her album Circus.
Look up Britney's song Phonography.
by please advise December 08, 2008
10 19
Dirty talk/Phone sex/Britney Spears' Song
Britney's song Phonography is hot.

We had hot phonography last night.

I get off to phonography.
by Tim from SF December 11, 2008
20 32
A track off of Britney Spear's 2008 album 'Circus' which describes the act of phone sex.
"I'm so into phonography I need to talk to someone every night while I touch myself"
by chikawawa November 18, 2008
12 24
The art of having phone-sex
Damn! That Britney sure does love Phonography!

My girl-friend's in Dakota, so we were up all last night havin' a lil' phonography
by cokeandpoprocks December 12, 2008
19 33
Sexual activity over the phone (aka phone sex). Normally involves the masturbation of both people on the line.
"I am into Phonography . So baby quit the chit chat and talk that dirty talk to me." said Cindy on the phone, as she began to unzip her jeans and carass her virgina.
by Amanda E. December 07, 2008
13 27